About us

About Louise

My name is Louise Donald and I live and work in the centre of Edinburgh, Scotland. I set up Space and Time in 2004.

I have 2 grownup children, one of whom sometimes lives with me.

I attended university as a single parent and mature student and have an MA (Hons) in Human Geography from University of Edinburgh. One part of Human Geography is how people relate to the area or space around them. Although decluttering is pretty far removed from the academic study there is a relationship between my degree and my profession.

For years I have decluttered for family and friends. It is only when I was in business partnership with a friend, that I realised there is a market for decluttering, so set up my own home organisation business in Edinburgh.

I also have extensive interviewing experience, so I can really understand what you need when it comes to looking at how you use the space in your home or office and what works well for you.

About Sarah

Sarah Radford has been working for Space and Time since early 2018. She comes from a counselling background, and currently works part-time in admin.

She likes to travel when possible and enjoys trying to grow things in her allotment

We are fully insured, honest and reliable and will arrive at the appointed time.

Confidentiality: Your Privacy

We take each client's confidentiality extremely seriously. Apart from the person acting as personal security (see below for further details) we will not tell anybody who you are, where you live or any details about your private life.


Because we usually work alone, going into stranger's houses, it is sensible of to leave client's details with one trusted person who will be notified before going in and after coming out of a client's house. If one of us hasn't phoned by an agreed time then security arrangements leap into action, the ultimate one being to call the police.