About you

If you are looking for assistance organising your home or office then I can help you.

My work for clients varies tremendously according to their needs.

You may be going through a change in life-stage, whether it is moving home after divorce; downsizing their home after the family have left or expecting their first child, who want help and guidance on how to organise their things and best dispose of their surplus possessions.

People also want my help when they decide that they're fed up of living in a certain way and want a good clear out, but don't have time or energy to do it themselves. An example of this is a busy mum needing a general tidy up and sorting out of her children's things, many outgrown. The children can work along with me deciding what they want to keep.

A third category is people who have a disability or long-term illness or are perhaps not as able as they used to be. I am very happy to help anybody in this category, and realise that short sessions are probably the most practical here.

My clients have included people with:

Whatever the situation, I always work with the client to find the best solution for them and their style of life.

Why should I declutter?


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