What do we do with the things you don't want to keep? Here are some ideas.

General household: If you have lots of items, the auction house Ramsay Cornish in Leith takes most household objects. Look for a down market auction house in your area. Of course if you have valuable things you can get a valuer down to have a look. I use John Love Antiques on 0131 554 7609.

Smart women's work wear including bags and shoes - Smart Works.

Crafts, paper stickers, loads of bits, buttons, material, games and toys, I give to my local primary school primary. They also take any weird stuff for their loose parts play. Also any stationery, storage boxes stuff anything really. Also dressing up clothes, Xmas decorations, kids DVDs.

Any good quality books or books on cars etc, also quiz magazines to my local high school.

St. Columbus charity shop, Leith walk, specialises in old China, embroidered stuff, old stuff.

Bethany and Barnardo's take electric equipment.

Cat and Dog homes take old sheets, cushions, pillows, duvets, towels etc. Also cat and dog things.

Tools, any state and old non electric sewing machines to Tools for Self Reliance.

Bikes (arrange uplift) and bike parts to The Bike Station.

Old things like reels of thread, kitchen stuff can go to the Living Memory Association in Ocean Terminal. They work a lot with dementia groups.

Woman's Aid, in Stockbridge, take new toiletries and cosmetics.

Oxfam book shop takes sheet music as well as records and CDs etc.

Torn, stained and old clothes can also go to charity as they sell 'rags' too or they can go in supermarket recycling bins (Sainsbury's / Morrisons).

Baby stuff, maternity clothes, charity Pregnancy Counselling and Care Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Children's car seats, fitness equipment hard to get rid of. Charities don't take so Gumtree is worth a try.

Nail polishes, jigsaws, hair dryers, rollers curlers, talc, hair dye, hair brushes, DVDs that are decent films, to old folks' homes.
They love nail polishes, calms people down getting nails done, attention and touch, and they can see their lovely nails afterwards.

Fresh Start for kitchen equipment, pots, pans, cutlery etc. and light bulbs.

All meds (with names off) can be returned to any pharmacy.

Old holiday money - coins and notes to charity box in M&S and Post Offices.

If you have loads for charity remember they will uplift from you and Local Councils will also uplift, for a charge.

Books, particularly recent academic books, can get a reasonable price on Amazon.

Local Youth Groups and Community Centres are usually delighted to have sports equipment, musical instruments and games passed on to them.

Your local church usually collects stamps and stamped postcards, and if they don't do it the Salvation Army definitely does. They use the stamps to buy Freeplay radios to be used in Africa in educational programmes. Last year they donated 400 radios to this worthwhile cause.

Drycleaners are usually happy to take their hangers back.