Welcome to Space and Time

Most people have things they have been meaning to get round to for years, whether it is getting to grips with filing or sorting out these boxes you haven't opened since you last moved house. It is much easier to procrastinate these tasks and the very thought of tackling them may have become overwhelming.

If you are looking for a bit of help in your home or home office I am here for you. Many people are very ashamed that they have let things go, but please don't worry about this. I understand and am here to help you. I can assure you that I will not be shocked at 'the state' and throw up my hands in horror. I've seen it all before and I realise it can be very hard for some people to let a complete stranger into their home, where sometimes nobody has been invited in years

People employ me for a variety of reasons:

In all cases I recycle as much as I possibly can. It makes a difference to clients when they know the things they don't need anymore are going to a good home.

Space and Time: established 2004