What happens?

New Client Consultation

Initially after you contact me and we have a chat, I come to your house for a New Client Consultation, which is free, and you are under no obligation to employ me. (Sometimes a client prefers to meet in a café initially - that's fine.)

This lets you meet me, decide if I am the right person you want to work with and we discuss the work that you would like done, and the priorities you have. I will look at the way you would like your house to be and how this would work for you.

For example, there would be no point in having your shoes neatly in boxes in the cupboard carefully labelled if what would work for you is a basket by the door you can throw your shoes into.

I ask you a lot of question about how you operate e.g. what you do with post when it comes in (very common to stick it in a pile and lose/ignore/forget about it) and suggest options that will help you deal with things more easily.

I also like things to be simple and as easy as possible:

I will also be assessing what I need to bring when I come to work for you. I provide all the bags and boxes needed, but sometimes there are additional requirements like a hoover or a ladder. I will also be looking at any hazards for my Risk Assessment form.

If you live very far away it may be more practical to do the consultation over the phone.

I never take 'before' photographs. I think it is far too intrusive, and in my experience most people would freak. That's why you don't see 'before and after' pictures on my website. However, you may want to take some for your own records.

Once I am working for you

I always feel that because the client is employing me it should be me doing all the work, as you should have it as easy as possible.

So I certainly don't expect you to be running around putting thing away or cleaning cupboards. You will probably find you are working hard enough deciding whether to keep things or let them go. This can be surprisingly tiring.

For example, if I were doing your wardrobe I would take as much as possible out, and lay it on a clean sheet on the bed. I would wipe out the wardrobe - there is no point in having a neatly organised wardrobe if it's still dusty.

You would then sit on the bed and we would look at your clothes, what you wear what you want to keep, how best they are organised in your wardrobe in a way that suits you. That could be by outfits, colours, seasons, work/play or like with like.

The aim is to have the finished wardrobe a thing of joy with clothes you like wear and that fit, and where everything is easy to find.

If you are not sure whether to keep or get rid of something I will ask you questions that will clarify your decision, but I will NEVER EVER tell you to get rid of something. There's no point.

I take away as many unwanted items as I can, to charity shops (let me know if you have a favourite), to recycle, for good homes, and to the dump.

I find that clients much prefer when their possessions find a new home where the item is appreciated, and I have a range of options that I can suggest.

After my visit you are left with a clean and tidy space, and no junk to dispose of.